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What We Do

We provide the very best in home technologies at your fingertips including media rooms, dedicated home theater system, music and television in every room, lighting control to set the right mood, surveillance cameras to monitor your home away from home, smart thermostats to keep you comfortable and help save energy – all by pressing a single button on an intuitive touch screen panel, phone or tablet. In addition, we install high performance cabling infrastructure that provides a solid electronic foundation to support today's and future home technologies. 

We equip your property with:

                     Home Automation

                     Automatically control your home security, lighting, blinds, heating and air-conditioner, music and TV                                       from intuitive touch panels.

                     Home Theater Design and Installation

                     From multi-purpose media rooms to dedicated Dolby® Atmos® home cinema room with invisible                                           speakers, fixed or motorized screen, acoustics and seating

                     Multi-room audio and video

                     Send multiple audio or video sources to any speaker or TV throughout your home

                     Lighting Control system

             Control the lighting throughout your property, with custom faceplates, lighting scenes, mobile phones                           and touchscreen controls

                     Intelligent Climate Control

                     Control your heating and air conditioning with an intelligent system that learns your movements and                                       knows when you’ll arrive home.


                     Wired and Wireless Network

                     Benefit from a secure and reliable voice and wired or wireless data network that covers your

                     whole property

                     Surveillance camera System

                     Monitor the safety of your property and control access online, from anywhere in the world

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