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Hunter creekway, Houston - Audio/Video System Upgrade

This client was ready to upgrade a large portion of his home audio/video entertainment system including all surround sound receivers, source components, televisions, universal remote controls, and many miscellaneous parts from HD to Full HD video quality with ultra high resolution audio content. He also wanted a specialist to fix operational bugs in his home systems and tidy up his audio/video closet. 


All audio/video surround sound receivers, cable boxes, Bluray/Dvd players, VCR, Multi-room amplifiers, and universal remote control base stations were centrally located in an unsightly metal shelving in his master bedroom closet with all TVs wall mounted in four rooms. 

In addition, his home was not prewired with the right type of cables for transmission of full HD content from the closet to the TVs. and he was not ready or willing to pay the prohibitive costs of opening walls and retrofitting the right cabling system for a full HD system and beyond. 


LifeStyle Technologie took inventory of his entire home entertainment system. Identified obsolete units that are not compatible with the new signal format and replaced them with latest models.


For Full HD signal transmission to TVs using existing coax wiring inside the walls, LifeStyle Technologies recommended and installed HDMI Over Coax with bidirectional IR and dynamic EDID extenders to convert and transmit Full HD content from the equipment in the master bedroom closet to the TVs all around the home.


For a clean and tidy av closet, all av equipment were relocated and professionally installed inside a 42U AV-Rack with cable management, cooling fans and power conditioners/surge protector to clients satisfaction.  

Our Involvement

+ Initial consultation, design, and specification

+ Identify and remove obsolete components

+ Identify existing components that are useful and compatible to the new system design. 

+ System design

+ Schedule and coordinate installation of Xfinity/Comcast cable, phone, and Internet services 

+ Equipment supply and installation

+ System programming and commissioning

+ After sales training and support

Key design elements 

+ Upgrade and replace four TVs to Full HD

+ Upgrade four Audio/Video surround sound receivers

+ Upgrade and program universal remote controls with IR/RF hubs

+ Upgrade source components (Dvd player, cable boxes) 

+ Upgrade  and replace audio and video interconnect cables  

+ Extend speaker and coaxial cables 

+ Install HDMI over coax with bidirectional IR and EDID

+ Install 42U AV Rack with cooling fans

+ Rack mount and connect all components

+ Audio distribution to ten In-ceiling speakers and one pair outdoor weather protected speakers  

+ Performance programing and audio/video calibration

Products Used

+ Integrated System Controller - URC Complete Control IR/RF Base Stations

+ Home Theater Receivers - Denon

+ Home Theater Bluray Players - Sony

+ Multi-room Music System - Nuvo

+ Televisions - Sony, LG OLED 

+ HDMI over coax extenders: Wyrestorm

+ Power conditioners/surge Protector - Panamax

+ User Interface - Complete Control programmable remote control

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